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My kitchen is for dancing.
Christie. 19 going on 90. Hobbies include running away from cats and buying too many beauty products. French and Drama Student. TV is totally my thing. I post everything from Teen Wolf to The Good Wife, hipster photos to feminist text posts, cute guys to make-up (the other thing that is totally my thing.)

Fair warning that this is a shameless Dylan O'Brien fan right here.

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I get so annoyed when people tell me that my voice is too low, but then they want to use me for trios and duets and vocal arrangements.

I got told the other day that I couldn’t sing the tenor part in choir, because I was a girl. I understand that, but there are no men in our choir, so surely adding a tenor part for the people who are capable would add depth and tone to the performance. I can’t be a contralto if my voice doesn’t fit the mould.

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